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Pand[emi]c Sketch

An artist/essential worker [me, Emi] made 100 copies of [her, my] 2020 sketchbooks.

Before the global pandemic, I worked at a museum teaching art by day, created art by night, and traveled to conventions around the country on weekends. I taught history and material culture to school kids and published my original graphic novel series Anarchy Dreamers and Marshmallow Horns through Kickstarter.

I was a very busy person. But no matter what, I always had a sketchbook on me. Instead of journaling my thoughts and ideas, I'm a pretty prolific sketchbook-keeper.

In February 2020, things changed. When schools closed, my job changed. As an employee of the New York State Office of Parks, Rec, and Historic Preservation, I became "essential," working in emergency management. I lived in a hot spot and left my house 5 days a week to go to work. Things were dire, but in spite of everything, I kept drawing.

Pand[emi]c Sketch is a 112 page zine containing my sketches, musings, and collages from the early parts of the pandemic.

It starts in February, when I went from teaching in schools to emergency management. It continues through the next 7 months, containing 5 sketchbooks full of art, writing, and collage. It's raw, sometimes emotional, often deadpan, and comes from the heart.

The project was featured as a "Project We Love" by Kickstarter and has been praised for its unique structure.

 How many shows do I do? 

 I do up to a dozen shows a year, from big cons like Anime NYC and C2E2 to small local zine fests! I've been lucky to be a featured creator at Flamecon and Small Press Expo. 

 Who have you worked with? 

 Publishers big and small!
I have done work for Black Mask Studios, Dynamite Entertainment, Grand Central Publishing, Space Between Entertainment, Hiveworks, Tapas, and more! 

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