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New York State Museum

Votes for Women: The accounts of 4 [fictional] girls who lived during [real] times of importance in the fight for women's rights.

In 2017, I was commissioned by the New York State Museum to create a historical fiction series to coincide with their Votes for Women exhibit. The idea was to create a series of comics following the adventures of 4 fictional 10-year-old girls at important times in New York State's Women's Rights movement.

We follow the adventures of Hannah Palmer a Quaker girl living in central New York, whose mother takes her to the first Conference for Women's Suffrage. In 1915, we follow Rivkah Diamond, who is radicalized to march for women's suffrage after her mother escaped the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire. In 1977, we follow Jan Yang, who travels with her mom and Aunt to the ERA conference in Albany. Finally, we meet Kiera Jones, a girl from Poughkeepsie making signs with her friends in preparation for a march on the Walkway Over The Hudson.

The characters were created from basic concepts provided by the New York State Museum. The museum gave me almost unlimited creative freedom with the characters' designs and stories. All photography included was either owned by or licensed by the New York State Museum.

Winner 2018 Museum Association of New York Award for Innovation in Collections Access.

The exhibit travels around New York State and the comics have been distributed to thousands of kids across the state!

 How many shows do I do? 

 I do up to a dozen shows a year, from big cons like Anime NYC and C2E2 to small local zine fests! I've been lucky to be a featured creator at Flamecon and Small Press Expo. 

 Who have you worked with? 

 Publishers big and small!
I have done work for Black Mask Studios, Dynamite Entertainment, Grand Central Publishing, Space Between Entertainment, Hiveworks, Tapas, and more! 

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