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I love traveling to cons!

I had my first artist alley table when I was 15. I sold 2 things the whole weekend, but I had a great time. The next year the convention raised the age of artist alley participation to 18 and I like to think I was part of the reason, lol.

Now a days, I travel across the country to sell my work at anime and comic conventions. I sell my original graphic novels, zines, pins, stickers, and prints. I'm beginning to branch out into streetwear. I've made appearances at New York Comic Con, C2E2, Anime NYC, Otakon, Anime Boston, MoCCA Fest, Small Press Expo, and more! I love seeing old friends and meeting new ones! I love connecting with readers and fans!

This gallery is sort of a love letter to the cons I do, the stuff I sell at them, and the people I've met. All of my work is original.

 How many shows do I do? 

 I do up to a dozen shows a year, from big cons like Anime NYC and C2E2 to small local zine fests! I've been lucky to be a featured creator at Flamecon and Small Press Expo. 

 Who have you worked with? 

 Publishers big and small!
I have done work for Black Mask Studios, Dynamite Entertainment, Grand Central Publishing, Space Between Entertainment, Hiveworks, Tapas, and more! 

Project Gallery

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