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Concepts for a comic series currently in development.

My work has long dealt with themes of life after tragedy and magically hopeful solutions to real problems. Set 10 years after a pandemic swept through New York City, this TBA series follows the adventures of a group of young people on the cusp of adulthood. A magical slice of life, my intention with this series is to both showcase the fun and creativity of youth and tackle themes of post-pandemic anxiety and major life changes.

Check back here often to see new developments!

 How many shows do I do? 

 I do up to a dozen shows a year, from big cons like Anime NYC and C2E2 to small local zine fests! I've been lucky to be a featured creator at Flamecon and Small Press Expo. 

 Who have you worked with? 

 Publishers big and small!
I have done work for Black Mask Studios, Dynamite Entertainment, Grand Central Publishing, Space Between Entertainment, Hiveworks, Tapas, and more! 

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